Rossi and Lucy

Story Telling

Ross Bonacci is the author of the Rossi and Lucy story books for children.These series of educational books are designed to teach young children beneficial thinking and behavioural patterns at a young age.

Children learn best through examples and models. These beautifuly Illustrationed stories with strong and positive affirmations, morals, and examples are engaging books allowing children to witness positive ways of being in the world.

 The growth towards a brighter, healthier, and more peace-filled world depends upon what we teach our children. Rossi and Lucy was created to offer children stories that instill self-worth and tools for positive thinking. If the current generation of children are taught that they have the powerful but simple ability to impact the world around them simply by loving themselves and respecting others, they will be an empowered generation.

Booking Enquiries

Ross is available for storytelling. Pre Schools, Primarily Schools, Liberties, Birthday Parties.

DURATION:50 Minutes