Rossi and Lucy

The Rossi And Lucy Mission

Empowering A Generation

As humankind grapples with the enormity of global concerns such as human warfare as well as the day to day personal struggles, the struggle for one to maintain a sense of emotional wellbeing is clear.
A brighter, healthier and more peaceful world depends upon what we teach our children. The Rossi and Lucy storybooks offer children tales that instil self-worth and positive thinking tools. If we teach today’s children that by simply by loving themselves and respecting others, the feel empowered to make an impact on the world around them.

Healthy Minds

The minds of children are naturally healthy, unburdened by the emotional stressors of society.
As children grow into adulthood, it is difficult for them to avoid societal pressures and expectations and so the cycle of stress and continues and the beauty of the mind is diminished. The mission of the Rossi and Lucy series is to offer children nourishing material that can safeguard and encourage their emotional intelligence and the intrinsic purity of their minds.

Our philosophy

Children learn best through example. Rossi and Lucy invite little listeners into their beautiful world through stories containing strong and positive affirmations, morals, and examples. These engaging books allow children to witness positive ways of being in the world.

Our Children are our future

Children have no fears or hang-ups. They are bold, beautiful, and carefree. They are full of life, joyful and playful in each moment. How do we encourage and nuture these qualities in them rather than repress and dismiss them? What happens when our children become adults? Are they changed by the conflicting circumstances of life? Do they become trapped by their own doubts of self-limitation worries and fears?

Educational books

The world can be a very uncertain and unfriendly place. Many people face crippling insecurities or maintain poor belief systems that make their lives very difficult. Many of these insecurities and belief systems stem from childhood experiences that promoted negative perceptions or set poor examples.

Young children are impressionable and sensitive to what they learn. What they see and hear repeatedly affects their formative development on cognitive, spiritual and emotional levels. 

Children affected by negative self-imagery and exposed to poor role models can grow up with a lack of confidence. Confidence plays an important role in daily adult life. It affects thoughts and impacts the life’s pathway. Confidence affects the ability to make empowered changes.

Empowering children to know that they are intelligent beings is not often a focus of educational programs. Here at Rossi and Lucy, a child’s education begins with the nourishment they need to empower them to become emotionally balanced adults who experience success and harmony in their personal lives.


Ross Bonacci, your children's book is wonderful! I received it today and read it to my kids tonight for their bedtime story. I love how it has a moral to the story. My little one loved it the most and at the end...said what will happen to the king and queen, now she is a mouse. I replied.....they will love her the same, she is their baby. She said I want a baby mouse :) Congratulations on a book with a moral at the end, i haven't seen them for a long time, and not in modern books. Looking forward to the next ones :) Rachelle
I absolutely loved it, it touched my heart. Ruby
I couldn't wait to read the next page, I love the mouse. Sandy